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nudel.jpgDidn't we talk about that before? Meat and rice = OK. But noodles? Nooooooodles?? Could you imagine how long it took me to go around every single noodle? Well, I made it. I call it "NOODLE-SLALOM"

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Maggie and Mitch 09/15/2011 11:11

OMG, you don't like onies, Sally?  Onies/noodles are one of my favorites!Love ya lots,  Maggie

asta 09/15/2011 01:02


you mean you don't like noodles???I love them..I think you need some sauce to make it bettewew I suggest a little meety bwof


but I do admiwe youw tonhgue slalom tacticks

smoochie kisses