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No, this is not a burqa. I can not really see something. Yes, you guessed it, it still raining cats and dogs. I hope more dogs than cats. HIHIHI. Today I was allowed, to goof around without a raincoat. Mom hopes the Frontline drops are already collected. It is always the same. Maybe it stops raining  if we dont use that drops again?

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Sunny,Scooter,&Jamie 05/11/2010 02:46

Did you see the movie ET?  Mom says you remind her of ET in the bicycle basket wrapped up in the blanket.  Personally, I love the rain, but Mom hates the drying.  Scooter acts as
though he would melt!



pee ess we have visited the new boy, he is cute. 

Maggie & Mitch 05/06/2010 11:38

Better you than us, Sally! We HATE to get wet!

Love ya lots

Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 05/06/2010 03:16

How nice woo got to play in the rain!