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hirn.jpgMom just had a tantrum. A customer had brought Daddy a gaming console for repair and was immediately disappeared. When Daddy opened the unit, he was attacked by a horde of cockroaches. The largest lay dead in the enclosure. Daddy said, amused: "Oh, I understand Machinist broken." Mommy could not laugh about it. Daddy threw after he had immediately launched a gas attack literally the thing out the window. When he phoned the customer to tell him that he should be careful however, because he had a pest problem, he replied, quite coolly: "Yes, we know that we have a cockroach problem, but they  do anything, also they live just behind the fridge ". To recite Emil: "Lord, please let it rain brain."

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The Poupounette Gang 11/27/2011 10:36

Hi Sally. That is a horrible story! Your poor Dad!


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