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When you go to the prophet you need to bring a gift, that's what Isi was thinking, when she prepared everything. The guru "Zoroaster" was willing to tell us about the sense of life, after having a look at the present.


             Thus spake Zoroaster: "The sense of life is to live."


As nowbody tried to dispute conclusions, we tried to get the same level as the guru. So we really to got rat-arsed. The ladies less than the gentleman. They support more, so it seems whoever will beleave. And as  Zoroaster seemed to have smoked trees or even a whole forest, his lesson was only less reliable. And while reaching a certain level the guys decided to free the kitten. That goof would have no kittenkebab for dinner. At least he can smoke an other tree, there are still some left. HIHIHI

Oh yes, I forgot to tell, that if you also want to join the group, just tell us and we will pick you up at the next assembly point

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Maggie & Mitch 01/25/2010 14:08

Wow! What did we get ourselves into?! haha
We posted about your pressie, Sally! Thank you again and again!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 01/25/2010 01:57

I've got to find THAT in a store near me!

Tasty and khute!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie