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Who does not like driving convertible, but the ride always with the roof closed.


Here we went down to the lake. I had to pull on the leash so badly, that mom fell down. She had also twisted her foot so that the rest of the day was just limping around. Own fault, I say, who is wearing such tiny boots when walking with a huge strong dog?

Then I went "offline". Maybe I would have been a good idea to pull earlier.

It was early in the morning, even the sun wasn't awake.

There she comes...

Best time to goof around, as nobody is here.

Morning washing.

Deep impression.

Would mom also hop a little  through the area, she would also get warm.

Walking on the Moon do do dooooo

Final spurt and back home.

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Khyra 10/20/2009 03:17

What a pawesome day woo had!

Tank woo fur sharing those pikhs!

PeeEssWoo: Sorry about your mom's ankle...

Paco,Milo & MAYA 10/19/2009 18:42

What a great great day at the lake!!!!
We want come with you when we'll meet again ok???
It looks soooooooooo beautiful...and we love swimming and playing in teh water like you sweet Sally!!!!
CAn't wait to be there with you and your super special humans!!!
Tons of love and kisses!!!!