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I have just heard from Rains food makers that yesterdays medical results are:

Hernia, poor liver function and sugar, but not so much that they would explain the fainting spells.

Since Rains condition is serious weak, the doctors first didn't want to let him go . On the recommendation of the doctors he must now to the mountains to find some cooler area as it is very hot in Torino.  But we are happy to tell you that, he is approachable and wags when somebody talks to him.

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The OP Pack 05/22/2010 16:28

We were so sorry to read about your friend Rain's troubles. We hope the trip to the mountains and some good meds will help him feel a lot better.


Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Khyra 05/22/2010 16:13

Thanks fur the update!

We'll khontinue to keep Rain in your thoughts!