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We have got the Easter Bunny in our power! If Easter is not to fail, I and my buddy request 100 not serially numbered bones and your toys! For my other buddy a bigger basket! Delivery at  twelve o'clock on the Good Friday  at the playground. If not I will let the rabbit go but --------  I will never read your Blog again!




(I am a boy and  3 years young!  I do not have a blog because my line carrier has always soooooo much work to do. I'm not alone here. There is Zausel, a Beardie girl, which is 6 years young and Gimli  a Norwegian Forest cat and Funkel,  a Maine Coon cat, my best friend and Einar, an Icelandic horse . If I as ask my mom to create me a blog, we all I think she'll shave me ! Although she  could tell a lot about us. We do so much Flyball, ZOS, similar to something like agility, combined course and once a month a Briard walk.)

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Maggie & Mitch 03/31/2010 00:49

What a cutie Smauk is and what an adorable Easter bunny!

Love ya lots

Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 03/30/2010 20:45

How khute!

I hope the Easter Bunny will leave ME a khytty in my basket!