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Singsing.jpgThat is so sad. The two are so dear pals who are now 8 months old. Thery are brothers. 3 months ago they came to this outback , to live just in 6 square meters. They are always very happy when we come over. On the day they are allowed only to go outside of the cage for 30 minutes . The young owner a trigger-happy, who absolutely wanted to have them, but he does not like to take care of themnow nobody takes  care for them, because he has scared away all his friends. It breaks our heart, come over here and  to see the two pretty ones cry

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asta 05/28/2012 15:55

This is heawtbweaking..all they want is love and awe locked in wif a mastew who has none to give..I pway they can go to a diffewent home whewe they awe appweciated

poow sweet boyz

smoochie kisses


Mitch and Molly 05/27/2012 23:37

How sad and they're such handsome boys.

Love ya lots,

Mitch and Molly

The OP Pack 05/27/2012 22:13

How very sad, Sally.  He should let them go to another home where they can truly be loved and cared for.


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