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Some hate it -  some love it  - but everybody was waiting for it to begin. Sally proudly presents: "Projekt Wichteln" or "Santas Secret" or "Holiday Gift Exchange". I hope everone of you is joining the game. ( For those who don't know this game. Instead of buying a gift for every of your buddies, everybody is preparing one gift. So you will send your parcel to a mate which is chosen by a generator and you will get a gift from someone else. )


The rules are as usual:



1. Anyone who lives in Europe can join, who has a dog.

2. Santas Secret should not cost more than 20€.



3. Please pack your parcel beautiful   same way as you would like to receive it.

    Don't matter if it is only a bone as long as it is lovely presented with a red ribbon.

    You know what I mean. Please don't be disappointed if the present you'll get is

    not like you have expected. It's only a game and should make fun. But I can't

    remember that we have had problems last year.

4. The gifts should arrive before  21 December  2013 .


5. The draw will be generated automaticly by a so called Wichtelgenerator.


6. Everyone who want to join please leave a comment and send us your address to  -- And tell your friends


7. A picture of you while unpacking the gifts on your Blog.


Now go-go-go ----- join and have fun. 


You can sign in till   30 November 2013.


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