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Hi mates. When did you take yourself a bit of time to read Blogs from the beginning. You wouldn't  beleave how much fun this is. Lately ther are some of us having difficulties in their lifes which slows our fantasies down so we don't get many good ideas to write. Then we found out how funny and amusing some of the old stories are. We couldn't stop laughing while reading for example the Blog of Emil, Lotte, DJ and many more. We also recognized with how many love diese Blogs are made. We want to thank you therefore and wish you a lot of fun while repeating them.

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asta 03/01/2011 21:52

You'we so wight, the blogs bwing so much joy fow me too. sometimes thewe's not enuff time to get awound to all my fwiends and It makes me sad when I miss theiw adventoowes, but we twy

smoochie kisses