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Hi mates, please don`t forget our project mucky pup. Still 3 days left. Arn't there  any more of you out there maybe hiding some mucky pup pictures? Now you have got a chance to publish. As I said you have got 3 more days left.

And dear readers, don`t forget to vote. For every participant please. I count on you. The winner will be published in February. But it depends on you who will win, so please vote and send me an email  (  sallysblog@gmx.com  ). 10 points for the best picture and one point for a standard one. Even  those one who haven't got a hairy friend are invited to vote. So tap it in your keyboard and we will know.  We can`t wait to read about your votes.

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Maggie & Mitch 01/29/2010 11:53

We've never been muddy in our lives and mom is very happy about that but we will be voting!
Guess what, Sally?  Our package from Deefor and Arrow arrived yesterday! We'll be blogging about it soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 01/29/2010 01:13

Best of lukhk to the khontenders!

I'm just not a mukhky type!


Sally 01/28/2010 23:07

And, of course you can vote, even without a picture. Can't wait to see that.

Nice woooh

Sally 01/28/2010 22:16

Hi Byron and Xinver,
you have got still some days time.

Nice woooh