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psb6.jpgThat was after goofing around. HIHIHI.  Today  Momo & Isi, Nero & Murphy, Lotte and the Roki Have publisher their pictures.

As we were asked we let you know the voting rules:

1.Everybody is allowed to vote.


2.Points are from 10 to 1 point 10 points for the best buddy 9 points for the second one .... and 1 point for the last mate.


3.Please do not vote before October 4th. Very important is to  vote for ten mates otherwise it will not be counted. Please do not give half points.    


4.Send an email with your voting only to  .


5. The results will be published on October 9th.

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Khyra 09/27/2010 02:58

My post on Monday will have my pikh -



PeeEssWoo: do woo mean October?