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I was thinking about creating a new project


Startingdate                01-09-2010

End of the Project       01-31-2010

Participant                  every blogging buddy

Goal                           the ultimate mucky pup   

Allowed                      only one picture per dog. So who has for example two dogs
                                  two separate pictures etc.

Picture                        whether old or new

Publication                on your Blog but with a short email to sallysblog@gmx.com  
                                so I can publish it on my Blog to let everybody know

Awarding points         from 1 to 10 ( 1= poor to 10 =  the ultimate pig )

Rating                       send me an email  with the buddy name and the points you
                                want to give. The points are added and the one with the 
                                highest points wins. You need to vote for all participants.

Jury                 Everyone can vote, but please be fair and vote for all participants.                     

We look forward to every participant. The more the better. So what are you waiting for? Join us and have fun. Go go go.

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Sammie 01/10/2010 17:40

Hi Sally! I would like to do this, but I can't make out what some of your post says, as it's blocked out in parts and the words are all split up in others.  BTW, how ARE you???  Puppy got
very muddy, eh???!!!  I have some perfect pictures, but I'm not sure what to do with them, or how it works, since the directions are illegible - let me know, maybe email???  Thanks so
xo Sammie

Maggie & Mitch 01/09/2010 00:59

Neither one of us has ever been that muddy in our entire lives, thank goodness!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 01/09/2010 00:58

This should be fun to see!

Mom doesn't let me get like that - plus, it has gotten khold enough here all my mukhk has firmed!

Let the mukhk begin!