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pro12-1-1Yeah, sure, you may laugh, but we have more often a sandstorm from the Sahara, as this.


pro12-1-3Yes, yes, you can see the ground. Still knee-deep. If you kneel.

pro12-1-4Really, in the Swedish winter, he was less dressed.  

pro12-1-5Its got maximum minus 5 degrees. It's ridiculous.pro12-1-6Enough for a cool drift with the Jeep. Despite snow tires.

pro12-1-7Look, the fence has a cold.

pro12-1-8So, now we are drifting back home.




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The Thuglets 02/02/2012 09:24

Woo hoo...Sally lucky you, you got snow!  We have been waiting all winter and still noffink!

Looks like you ahd a lovely walk.  Photos; are fab. We love the first one of you!

Have a great time

Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx