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It might happen that after leaving us a comment, your avatar does not show up, or your name is wrong, or the whole thing is disapeared. In this case please try to reset the page several times and it will show up after several minutes. Sorry. We can't do anything to find a solution as it is an Overblog failure. But it happens more often in the german Blog.

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Khyra 01/14/2010 19:34

Woo look SOOOOOOO furry khomfy and beaWOOtiful!

PeeEssWoo: I don't think we've noticed any issues from 'here'

Sammie 01/14/2010 16:22

Hi Sally!  Thanks for emailing me - doesn't seem to be problems now!!!  What a cute pose!!!  I sent you an email back, but not sure that you got it - I posted a picture of Sammie all
muddy - it's been on my blog for a couple of days - come on by!  Have a good weekend!
Hugs xo