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adv2.jpgLong live the Caisse d'Epargne (Savings Bank) in France. Daddy had just re-pattern baldness. When he wanted to pay with Paypalim, whopping 2 , was of the order, with the words: "THIS CARD IS INVALID" rejected. Since it is beginning of the month so, the account is still filled beautifully with a loud glittering ducats, so  daddy called the bank. After he had spent twenty minutes in the queue, all data queried to tell him then, that he would need to drive 10 km to their next store to submit his card. Daddy went with a red face there. There he, he told me that afterwards, had to wait an hour until he came to the series, but not because so many people were there, it was the staff who discussed the upcoming weekend. In any case, long story short, she took his card looked into his account and claimed that there would be no problem. Daddy threw a glance at the screen and showed them the declined booking.The employees said that that  would not have been their fault and he should go home again. Pappi full of anger, told them that this year would have been charged 240 false and that finally one should correct this, and the employee repeated that if he wants something, then he must submit it in writing with a copy of his passport and a copy the income tax. I wonder what she terms it, said Daddy as he stomped out of the bank, in the background he could just hear how someone wanted to withdraw from his account 3000 and the clerk asked him: Why do you need your money? You must justify this in writing .................. honest.

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