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ra1And here he was  - the one and only -  the Master of Moonwalk  ..............Rain. 

ra2Me and the Can-Openers got many parcels.

ra3-Kopie-1.jpgFluffy toys and...... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... a big salami only for me.ra4Then I was so kind to push Enrica from the couch. She needed to sit there for at least half an hour and hold my head. Like Robbie Williams sings : "Come and hold my head, I want to contact the living......


Later we went on my playground hill.

ra6Heeeeeeeeeeey? What's that?

ra7Where are all the bushes? Where should I goof around ?

ra8I can`t beleave it.

ra9Let's show them the red tongue.


ra11Look at him - glove  - moonwalk - he might think he is the sixt Jackson?

ra13Yeah and now he is tired.

ra14I was wide awake, almost 



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chewy 03/08/2011 03:56

wow you had some fun this sunday!


Khyra 03/08/2011 02:54

Yet another fun day with furiends!