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wicht1I had to wait a whole day in front of this gifts.

wicht2That's my Santas Secret from Carry and Lissa.

wicht3Oh how nice a toy.

wicht4And good hidden below the paper................

wicht5.............. a lot of goodies.

wicht6The pigsty is not made by me. It's maybe moms fault.

wicht7Quick to the next gift.

wicht8That's from my best pal Rain.

wicht9A cover some toys and again a lot of goodies.

wicht10ALL MINE. I won't share that with my Can-Openers.

wicht11Dear Carry, dear Lissa, dear Rain and dear Can-Openers. Thank you so much for the beautiful things that you've sent. But now I'm getting a bit sad, as for Christmas it will take another 12 month. Fortunately I have a stock of toys and goodies. Thank you very much for making me a wonderful Christmas time. 

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The Thuglets 12/30/2011 18:18

Wowie Sally......what fabulous prezzies you got!

have fun playing with everything and eating any goodies of course!


Big Nose Pokes

The Thugletsx