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I've learned to get back as soon as I see a biker a jogger or a horse. Then I have to sit down and wait until they are gone to get my reward. That's my good education. Now one of the ladies on the horses thought I would be affraid of horses and hide myself at momies side. So mom explaind to her my education and asked her if she would be happier if I would goof around with her horse so she would fall down. Silience then. After that a slight " ok in that case - thank you"  That's what I wanted to hear.


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Kari 10/25/2010 14:58

wow those are some big dogs hehehe!

You are a very good girl for behaving, we wouldnt be able to :)



Khyra 10/25/2010 02:27

I did that when I met my furst horsepups the other week but then I went khrakhkerdog to go see them again!



Maggie and Mitch 10/24/2010 23:18

You are a very good girl to respect the horse's space and wait till they pass by!  We hope you were rewarded handsomely!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch