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i1Look, I've got mail from Indi.

i2I can do that. I can open it by my own.

i3There is a Christmas Card from Indi and his naked-noses inside.

i4Uh, a little bit more sharpeness wouldn't be bad. Maybe it would be better if I should also take the pictures in the future.

i5Mhm it smells great.

i6Nearly open.


Mine mine mine all mine .....................what means that's not true? What sharing? Are you crazy? What? No dinner?  Ooooookeyyyyyyy I will share but only the small statue - protestingly.   Thank you dear Indis.


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Khyra 12/20/2010 05:33


Yours yours yours yours!!!



PeeEssWoo: Mom did the transport fur Corbin on Sunday - just wait until woo see the passengers - PLUS, it was his furst GOTCHA DAY!  How khool is that?!?!