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Is there someone who can tell me if the "Furminator" works out on Briards? We did try out the yellow one, but it did not work. As mom could not get through the outer coat. Maybe she needed to push more or there is a modell with longer teeth or something else.

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Maggie and Mitch 06/30/2010 00:54

We wish we could help you out, Sally, but we've never used the furminator before!  We hope someone knows the answer!

Love ya lots,

Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 06/29/2010 17:12

Sorry we khan't help more but Mom says some of the humans on the Belgian List have used it with good results on their Tervurens -

We don't use a Furminator on me bekhause some have indikhated it tears the furry special phloof -

Good lukhk!