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Just something amusing. Yesterday I went with Daddy to a user who wanted technical advice. It was a question to the incompatibility of program and computer. Daddy asked which machine they have. The answer: "A white one."  Daddy: "No, I mean what speed?"   Answer: "32"   Daddy: "No, it should be something with gig hertz."   Answer: "No! 32. That is, 32 gig things. "   Daddy," Sorry, that does not exist. "   Answer: "Of course it does!"  Child takes the stage. Daddy to child: "Do you know the performance of your parents system? Child: "No.”   Parent part:" Come on, tell him that we have a 32."  Child laughing," No, we do not. "   Answer:" Yes, we do !!"........ . Even I could not deny a grin.


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Khyra 02/08/2010 03:41

How diffikhult was it fur your daddy not to laugh?!?