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beissen.jpgThat's too much.This morning when I was takeing an offline walkI met my old "buddies", and I started to play as usual, Chips ran away hysterically. I started to run behind him. Suddenly, his mom jumped between us and started to  kick me away me with the knee and loud insults. Complains that  mom should  take me on a leash, because I would bite. I never did anything like that. Besides, they would not take their dog online too because theirs would be nice. Mom only meant short, first I would never bite, and second one law for all. Either they also would attach their dog, or we won'tt. According to scold these pillocks went off and we stood there  with shaking  heads . Sad that people can thus change for the worse.

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Khyra 07/15/2010 02:58

Sorry your fun was ruined -