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On the first day you brush the tail. 2 hours.
On the next the front. 2 hours.
On the following day, two hind legs. 2 hours.
On the fourth day, the two front feet. 2 hours.
On the fifth day, then the head and tail. 2 hours.
On the weekend, mom deserves a break.
And next week, the same again.

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Byron and Xinver 11/07/2009 13:38

Hi, you really do it that way? Byron is brushed once in a fortnight, or even monthly! This is the way his breeder taught us to do it.

Maggie & Mitch 11/01/2009 18:03

We just sent you and email with our address, Sally! We're in!
That's an awful lot of brushing!  And that's why you always look so beautiful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Khyra 10/31/2009 14:47

That should work khwite well!