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Recently, the smurf weed eater, of which I have already reported has got a new, slightly used, American Stafford. Given to him by one who no longer wanted to keep him or something like that. The fact is, this bastard is so aggressive. A few days ago, he made him “offline”  and he was baring not just mom and daddy , no, he has also tried to bite me and has started to hunt me for nearly ten minutes. I then tucked away between the legs of Daddy. Then daddy yelled at the guy, he should catch his dog. However, the idiot replied that his dog  has a good character and just wants to play. When he finally got  him and the dog did not want to stop to growl and bare, we continued on our way back home. Not without noticing that this Idiot  was permanently hitting his fist on the nose of the animal and exhorts him to stay calm. Well, we thought that would be a lesson to him. No. Today we met him again not able  to tame his dog but starting to set him “offline”, and augmenting  ".. he just wants to play, he just wants to play ... he is very sweet and cute .. " The cattle now  less controllable, pulls on the leash and carries on like a fool. Mom begged him not to do so, because I also "would stay online," and she does not want his dog comes over to us. By the way it should be mentioned that  the street width of 7-8 meters was not enough space so he started to change to our site and make an attempt to put his dog off leash. Then  Daddy called out something that I do not want to repeat now. His comment was, "that's only because you're afraid, so he does not like you, but he just wants to play bla bla bla ...." Daddy only meant, that the only fear that he would have is to hurt him or his baby eater. Reluctantly he went off and we heard him moaning for a while.

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Khyra 02/07/2010 05:08

Once again, more proof it is more a khase of bad owners and not necessarily bad dogs...


Sammie 02/07/2010 01:43

Sally: that dog sounds like super "bad news."  Over here, I might even call the police, because an aggressive dog like that one could hurt humans. I don't know what you can do there, but will
check back to see what happens.  So sorry you have to deal with that.
xo Sammie