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dj5.jpgThere should be a picture of me and Maxim. You remember, the dude from my neighborhood. °Now he is about six months old and I can play with him. And here it comes. Yesterday I went over there to play with him. But he could not. And now, hold on tight ...... the reason they told us sounds like an April Fool's joke. Statement: "He is chained and can not get out, because (WARNING), he would have the" HEAT "."
On Daddies insidious demand, what  that
would be, the answer: "That's when a Labrador after six months suddenly feels the need immediately to amake an other female  dog  happy. Whether she is in the mood or not. So he must be on leash for this time . And how does she now  that that is heat over? Unfortunately, she was not open to any other opinion.  I say on this subject of only one thing: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA

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Khyra 09/12/2010 17:14

Some pup had some fun!!!