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I AM SICK .................... Sice one week I puk at least once per day. Favoured on the carpet. Whether that has been lying to the dead boar, which I have found, or in the swamp water that I drank, or the shit in which I've sucked, no one knows for sure. Daddy wanted to send me a already on Friday to the vet, as he has noticed that I have had temperature. The vet has meant an increased temperature in the South did not take care as long as it is below 39 degrees. Although I find 38.9 too much  as I have otherwise a maximum of 38.5 degrees. Well, whatever. In any case, the whole thing had its peak yesterday. I only say all good things come in threes. In sum, I have so eaten a half pounds, all week long.  Yesterday, I then get delicious soft cheese.  I say only "La vache kiri". Mhm and Actimel and yogurt. Now it seems that I am getting better, because I have not puked yet. They gave me delicious beef with rice today. Time to move all fingers crossed that it works out.

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