February 18 2010 5 18 /02 /February /2010 19:14
Unfortunately the picture does not give the whole thing. Cause all the stuff was first one single big sheet of paper in the small box before me. I unpacked it  by myself destoyed it and placed it on a heap. Without moving from my position. I guess they cann't  teach me that even if they would like to.  

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D.K. Wall & The Thundering Herd 02/18/2010 23:35

Looks like excellent work to us.

Sally 02/18/2010 23:32

Thank you for your kindness. Next time again

nice Wuuuh

Khyra 02/18/2010 23:27

Khongrats on your inkhredible akhkhomplishment!

Way to go!