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sonntag1.jpgHello, my name is Sally. I live on the French Riviera. I must start this way because I do not know for sure whether any remembers me, because it has been long time lacking for a good reportIt is because"THEY" say that they have too little time and so have not enough leisure  Anyway, I  classify that under the category "laziness". Therefore I apologize here for them. And with the story hunting, it is over, as  the hunting season has started again. So I have to stay inside as usual. Today  was a great hunt, they were shooting criss-cross over the roads without warning signs. And once escaped this danger, we still runs a risk  being overrunby a cyclists. And angry old walkers, even if I walk calm besides mommy or daddy. Therefore, here behind my fence is the most agreeable place, if not some idiots throw in their butts.

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asta 10/16/2012 20:37

Dawling Sally

I've missed you

my Mommi is just as bad and I'm not getting much attention these days.  I keep hoping she'll have mowe time fow me befowe evewyone fowgets me.

Pleez stay safe fwom those huntews

smoochie kisses


Mitch and Molly 10/14/2012 21:21

Of course we remember you, Sally.  Stay safe from those hunters!


Love ya lots,

Mitch and Molly

rain 10/14/2012 18:30

OHHHHHHHH povera mamma Sally! Vieni qui da me che giochiamo insieme!!!!! La piccola Heaven