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Wow, I’m done. First I was leaking for 24 days, with stomach-ache, then I had to take a bath. As it was wet, I jumped out of the tub and I have hurt my knee. Which leads me to the realization that it is probably the best to do nothing. As someone who does nothing, can not hurt himself. Who is injured will be rewarded at the end and still gets a treat or something. So I’ve decided to make a nap. They will give me the goodies hopefully later. My Can-Openers are already totally happy that since  two days I  enjoy again my beloved Dentastix. During my period it was even disgusting for me to smell them. Daddy told me that he would be willing to send all my Dentastix supplies to send Emil. But now I like them again, although I am already sorry that Emil doesn’t get them now..



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Momo & Pinot 04/15/2010 19:59

Sally, hope you feel better now!!  The way you sleep is very cute.  :)


Momo & Pinot

Khyra 04/15/2010 04:04

Woo definitely need to play fur more special treats!