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Sometimes you just have to show the rest of the world the red tongue and practice facial operate. Well, here the nights are very short. The last fellows walk loud chating at 2:00 before our windows  and the morning startsat  6:00  which means they start their diesel engines  and  can not pull out before the engine has proved at least ten minutes that he will work the rest of the day. Penetration by scooter riders who do not manage somehow to give gas or maybe not, therefore in sawing noise making intervals rolling before my windows. Thus, I 've got in about four hours to sleep. And only, if  some people here who do not want to be named do get up several times to make pee and then to  fill their bladders again.  I was not allowed to drink water after 20.00 because ATTENTION: "Then I would  have to get out at night to make PIPI." Now my question: WHAT THE HELL WOULD THAT CHANGE?

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Khyra 09/01/2010 00:07