October 9 2009 6 09 /10 /October /2009 17:28

The ladies, think where are we supposed to hold picnic.

Someone has drained the lake. In  was full in summer.

One small step for a dog, one giant leap ........... .

A clear case of freshwatermusseltrees. Totally harvested.

I prefer playing motorboat. Full speed ahead.

Watch out, flying dog.

I dug a little and then drunk plenty of water from the lake.

Poh, swimming lessons. Momy helped to calm me down .......

....... and then suddenly I swam all alone. Well, that's it.

A small snack. At home, I do not get so tasty sticks with swampy smell.

Bathing here makes a lot more fun than at home in the tub. Even though mom says that the smell there would be definitely better.

They would not like to take a drink from the lake. Well, fear of gippy tummy ?

I will take this sand to my home . No discussion.

Whaaaaaaat? Already done? But I have not finished yet.  

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Byron and Xinver 10/10/2009 13:32

Wonderful place! Water is best! We don't have any near to splash or swim, but the seashore. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in beaches all over the country!!

Maggie & Mitch 10/10/2009 01:09

We love the picture of you with sand in your beard, Sally!

Khyra 10/09/2009 20:34

What an inkhredibly pawesome time!