October 12 2010 3 12 /10 /October /2010 10:05

rb1Time to get up and goof around.

rb2I thought by myself it might also work out while lying.

rb3Struggeling a bit and grunting.

rb4Than a bit stretching.

rb5After that licking.

rb6Couch licking .....

rb7..... and tongue cooling. It was a pleasure to show you my experiance. Although mom isn't very happy about that. She says that she has the impression a big snail  is working on the couch. So just call me  "Slimer".

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Khyra 10/13/2010 03:24

So furry furry khomfy AGAIN!

I enjoy my sofa time but get khwite that relaxed...

THAT I save fur the floor!



Maggie and Mitch 10/12/2010 16:56

I love sleeping with my feet in the Aire, Sally, but I never get to sleep on the sofa! This is so not fAire!

Love ya lots,