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Today I would now like to discuss  a theme. Feeding of bones. In our case, beef bones, etc., as for example ribs or sawed-off long bones, vertebrae. Opinions diverge much. Logically the vet says: "A must!"  The problem is, he wins at an intestinal blockage most. Clear. Approx. 1000 Euos.  We have heard a lot of intestinal obstruction by shrapnel ... blablabla. Same reason we dare not to feed raw bones. The same is true with the sawed joint parts there are always many violently splinter on it. We've got no experience. So far, our former dogs never wanted bones. We would like to share your views.

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Byron and Xinver 12/13/2009 16:49

Dear Sally. We have experience on this issue. We don't eat proceseed fool. We follow a BARF diet, which means: Bones And Raw Food.
Everything we eat is raw food.
For breakfast, we usually take raw bones, it doesn't matter which kind of bones: chiken, pork, cow... Byron takes 0.4-0.5 Kg and Xinver 0.25-0.30 Kg each morning. We are under this diet for three
years now. Xinver has never eaten another type of food. The reason why the Boss changed our diet was because Byron doesn't tolerate processed food at all.
What a dog must NEVER eat is boiled, fried or cooked bones.
RAW bones are safe.
What do you think that wolves and other canines eat? Our digestive system is the same.

In the afternoon we eat raw meat or raw fish (previously freezed and  thawed because of a parasite) with mashed vegetables. Every day our food is new and different... Dogs cannot take profit
of vegetables if they are not mashed, this is the way that wild canines eat vegetables when they eat them inside the gut of the animals they prey.
We also eat raw eggs, mashed with the vegetables, with the eggshells too (calcium for our bones).
In a word. BARF diet tries to be like the diet of our ancestors.

Khyra 12/12/2009 01:53

The only raw bones I've had were some marrow bones - Mom DOES intend to get me a turkey nekhk but she's not done that yet -

Khwite a few of my pals love chikhken thighs -

EvFURRYone always stresses the bones be unkhooked fur when they are khooked they bekhome brittle and khan punkhture us -

I hope our other pals khan share some more info with woo!

PeeEssWoo: My Santa's Sekhret pakhkage arrived today!  Mom hasn't let me open it yet fur she wants to make sure we have sufficient light to get some good pikhs!  I'll let woo know! 
Merci as 'they' paw!