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T1They poped me into the car and told me that we would drive where they bought me. I was afraid that they wanted to give me back and ask for a refund. But they were talking about a surprise.

t2Fortunately the road was empty and we rushed over the motorway. Well what we so call rush was 110km/h

T3They did make that for us dogs, I looooooooooooooove Italy.

t4Fresh water. How nice.

t5That could be for the boys wee-wee. I think. Fortunately we girls don't need that.

t6That are the fuel prices however not the most expensives we've seen.

t7First I was thinking of a kind of a hot dogfood like Chili. t8That's Turin.

t9The trafic was better than our navigation system.


We arrived at noon ............... later more

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