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Silent night, holy night! All is calm ................ As this year, even the night temperatures have not fallen below 8 degrees, the re-versed Tree-hunter already use a ruse to get to a Christmas tree. So off to the next big market. There, not only the prices were great, nay, even the needles on the trees had already begun to curl up and the cut surfaces were already cracked. It ran smoothly on a centimeter-thick carpet of needles through the crowd. Whether it is the condition of the trees or the price was hearty, Mom did not want this. At home, she then found a display of a local garden center that recruited only 30 km away with its lush trees. Since this city is higher in the mountains, Daddy thought, maybe the trees would be in better condition. So he jumped into the Sallymobile and raced inland. It must have been so as 11:30 on the premises, drove the car parked and the first trees began to muster. Unfortunately, he had a short visit to find that only  the prices here were juicy. Sure there were the Northmen in promotion. He wondered how they had managed to buy so many ugly and stunted trees. The average diameter was 50 cm maximum. All the trees looked more stern to waste. They were in the bottom half so dense that they were scruffy and everything about 60 cm height was sparse.  The prices started at € 21 for something that is not even close to a tree, but rather reminded on Dali's "Essence of Time" . For a tree, -1.70 to 1.00 m. The next category was 1.50-1.70m for  € 27. For 29 euros you could then purchase trees up to 2.00m. At least, that stood there. All the trees looked the same, only the end differed at the top between 10 inches and 60 inches from the small to the large trees. Well, behind them were the real Northmens who were not on offer but equally beautiful 2.20m high fir grown from 85 € up continuously. No wonder, that Daddy try to filter out the least ugly tree. Suddenly  one of the costumed exclaimed him and told him that he should now drive out his car, as they had just closed. Daddy gulped a little and said in his despair, in this case he would just take this tree here. The costumed, son of  the owning farmers, said that he would sell him now, nothing  because they have closed, and he may  come back in two hours. Daddy tried  politely to explain to him that he had come 30 km and there were no  opening times. The answer was as you would expect: "Yes, we do that if there are not enough people there. We define ourself." So Daddy went home again. Since at Christmas time there are always wonders around, Daddy could buy the last tree in front of another store for only 20 €. Silent night, holy night! All is calm, trallalaaaaaaaaaaa ............

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