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Today daddy was phoneing with the bank's head office, which told him that they were not responsible, but the store would do that. Well he took the card plus Paypalim-message about the declined banking transaction . Wased the petrol and went to them. There dumbfounded faces. No, they told him they do not have access, only the head office. When he  asked them  if they could not resolve among themselves on the phone. The answer was no. However, the employee said: "Your card is not activated. You must activate your card before using it." Daddy:" The card was activated two years ago and I use it several times per week, for nearly two years, "you". Then you probably have no money in your account. Oh, no. Well in any case is reported your card inactive." Daddy : ".. How can this happenimagine I would be abroad." She: when you withdraw cash, normally it will reactivate  again." Daddy raised from 20 . She: "See, now it's back, it is active again. This happens constantly, some data goatshit or so." Daddy:" And you couldn't tell me that on the phone?" She: " We are not responsibleyou need to contact the central office. "

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Chewy 12/14/2011 05:20

Well those hoomans can be so dumb at times!