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You wonder why my plate is empty, here comes the story .........

After the bank we went to the butchers in the super market. Daddy had ordered meat for me,  because it always seems to be a problem to get more than 1 kg at a time. Of course, since he knows the local customs, he had previously inquired about the price. The gentleman with the nose bicycle then told him it would cost 2.79 euros per kilo, which let's be honest, already borders on usury. So he was the second time  there to pick up the ordered 7kg . 7 kg because in our freezer is not more space. After 30 minutes queue in front of him were two grannies, bought piecemeal meat, not without checking them individually in advance on everything. The queue was getting longer. Daddy's face hair too. " Here you are seven kilo meat" A large bag was presented with many small packages of meat. Daddy glanced into the bag, lifted him and said: "Can not be , I would say 12 - 14 kilos, "he".. never mind, her dog will eat it "D
addy tried to explain him that he had ordered not so much because he can not temporarily store it The man was out of tune. Daddy bought another a few things and went to the checkout. He paid. When he pulled his card from the slot then he hesitated and wondered about the unusually high amount. So he checked the receipt and saw that they had charged him 5 euros per kilo meat . He complained to the cashier, the aunt told him he needed to go to reception. So right through the halls with all the baggage. On receipt ............. what a surprise ... ......... 30 minutes waiting time for weekend meeting of the staff. Then the statement :"... we can not do anything, you must return to the butcher.  So he took a package,  once again across the shop to the butcher's. The question whether he had missed something, as another pricethe price was fault .The guy."  Yes, This is because the price has become more expensive, "Daddy". First, I had asked for the price and secondly, even the dog meat here in the bay designated cheaper, you know that is a waste here remains. Whereas... to get here on their shelves for the same price as they have charged me the most beautiful Bourguignon is lean. " Pasta eye of the meat counter: "It is what it is." Daddy went ​​back to reception. The soles were getting thinner. Just like Daddy's patience. At the reception the meat was withdrawn and the money refund. Wasted time, two hours. Daddy left the store  with even less hair not knowing that the next stop would not be better, but that's another story




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The Thuglets 12/12/2011 20:23

Gosh Sally we hope after all that he got your meat?


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