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Look where I have to pie. As I was saying the Sallymobil is out of duty for the moment. That's something you have to count with by driving an american car. As you can't buy any simple pieces here for example a camahaft sensor. By the way they were asking us for 257$ for it here. And they take 178 $ for a working hour. And they can't tell you how long the CPS will take to arrive. We haven't received the silicon joints which we ordered three years ago for our former car yet. And no refund. So we did a little struggled googeling and ordered a CPS in America. For only 25 $. And thanks to Paypal we will get a refund if there will be problems.   But what was I telling first.......... ah yes hard core pie ...........weg2.jpg

..........well at least something new to smell.........

weg3.jpg we go to the mall every day and look what I've found .......


....."That". I want to have one ........ pleeeeeease ........ I will open up an account of donations as "They" are so mean here.

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The OP Pack 05/07/2011 18:17

Now THAT would make a great hous for you, Sally!!!  Too bad about the car but just think of all the green papers you are saving with not having to buy gas:)


Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara