June 30 2010 4 30 /06 /June /2010 09:23

morgen1Momy: "Saaaaallllllly..........."

morgen2me: " Eeeeeeh?"

morgen3Momy: " ...come to me."

morgen4me: " No.!"

morgen5Momy: "What are are you eating again?"

Morgen8me: "Nothing. I only chew a bit on them. Just for the taste"

Morgen6Forester : "Saaly, Saaly,Saaly,Saaly."

He always wants to cuddle me, but I dislike someone touching me.

morgen7me: " Hi Juliane, sorry you are locked up in the car. Unfortunately now I have to eat all the cheese alone. HIHIHI"

Morgen9So that's it. Let's get  back home. We will come back in the evening.

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Khyra 07/02/2010 05:37

What a fun day woo had!