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Winter is bleak. We have got so much mud that I could take new pictures for the project ”Mucky Pup” every day. Well, Mom has doesn’t like me being permanently muddy. Yesterday she meant, I smell like a swamp. And nobody wants that I give him kisses. Although everyone knows that I do like to cuddle.

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Maggie & Mitch 01/22/2010 11:44

Our snow is melting and leaving lots of mud in all sorts of neat places but our evil mom won't let us play in it! You're lucky you have a nice mom, Sally!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

D. K. Wall and The Thundering Herd 01/21/2010 04:35

A little smell and a little mud, and all the humans do is complain.

Khyra 01/20/2010 22:11

Woo khan't help the weather!

Woo look furry khomfy BTW!