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I know, I know, you might think now: summer isn't over and she is allready thinking of xmas. But as you know planning needs time. What do you think about having a dog-wichteling (yule club) this year? A wichtel-generator will choose your new friend. Do you like to join it? I would like to invite also our friends from overseas. Their parcels should be sent not later than the end of November, as it can take up to four weeks.

Just some rules:
No presents with a value more than 30$
No publication of private adresses
Only registered parcels please
And a picture of the unpacking

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The Texas Sun Dogs & Jamie the humom 11/13/2009 18:00

We lost the comment we made earlier.  Mom says because of $$$$ shortages we can't play.  Dang.  We wish we could especially since we have seen some really cool pigs from over your
way.And we LOVE sending pressies.  BUT, mom says not this year.  Maybe next year mom will be back to work and we can then.  Y'all have great fun!!  We can watch anyway!
Sunny & the rest of the pack

The Texas Sun Dogs & Jamie the humom 11/13/2009 17:54

Mom says she is delighted to see a briard on a blog!  May we link to you?

"Sunny,Scooter & the "pup

The Texas Sun Dogs & Jamie the humom 11/13/2009 17:46

This sounds like fun, but those green papers mom calls money are kinda scarce this year so mom said we can't.  We hope y'all have a good time tho! 
At first it sounded like a witchy something to us!  lol
The Texas Sun Dogs
Sunny, Scooter & "pup"

The Airechicks 11/12/2009 13:59

Good Morning -

We would also like to be part of this project.


Paco,Milo & 11/08/2009 16:04

We want participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....Can you add us to the list???
Can we use your pic for our blog???
So our friends could read about your wonderful idea?????!!!!!!!!!!!