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Puuuh, that is even for me too much mud. And the mush stinks. No, I do not toss me in there. But it dries almost. Unfortunately,the trigger-happy society is back on the prowl. Today, I was suddenly pursued by a rabid pack of hounds. I was very scared and so I escaped. I hope they did not think, I would be an aardvark. Daddy was quite annoyed, because he really does not understand why they need  to hunt next to our villages houses. As the "reserve" seems big enough. Still, one of the greatest in the south of France. And did you ever hear that wild animals would hide themselves inbetween houses? The only thing which helps in this case is staying at home. What a pity.

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Khyra 09/27/2009 02:29

That sukhks -

I hope woo are feeling better now...


Sally 09/26/2009 21:59

Yes my friends, we agree to you.
nice woooh

Byron and Xinver 09/26/2009 21:29

We don't like haunting... Houndogs are not to blame, just people who own them. . . Greetings.