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We are really sorry to tell you, that we stop our translations in French, Italian and Swedish. The reason is that we loose very often the whole post, which is, as you certainly know, a lot of work to do. Sometimes it takes several hours and by loosing everything, it really nerves. There are problems with the Overblog Server,  it seems. And as usual, nobody is responsable. So we try to continue only in English, and hope that it will work out.

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Byron and Xinver 09/16/2009 21:31

Oh, we hope we can go on reading you... English is perfect for us!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FACE YOU HAVE IN THE PIC!!

Khyra 09/15/2009 23:19

I am glad woo kept one of my languages!

I've not seen any translator thingie fur Khyraese!