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You have certainly noticed, that my Blog didn't really  make any progress. This was, because Daddy was on the way to fetch my new Dog-friendly vehicle . 3000 kilometres, a few days later, a lot poorer, and very very tired, did he arrive yesterday. Guess what I got.


Avete certamente notato, che il mio blog in realtà non compiere alcun progresso. Questo è stato, perché papà era sulla strada per andare a prendere il mio nuovo veicolo di cane. 3000 chilometri, pochi giorni dopo, molto più poveri, e molto, molto stanco, è arrivato ieri. Indovina che cosa ho ottenuto.


Vous avez certainement remarqué, que mon blog n'a pas vraiment de tout fait progrès. Ce fut, parce que papa était aller chercher mon nouveau véhicule plus respectueux de chien. 3000 kilomètres, quelques jours plus tard, beaucoup plus pauvres, et très très fatigué, est-il arrivé hier. Devinez ce que j'ai obtenu.

Yeeeees a JEEP. Topless, as you see. And sooooo COOL.

Sìììììì una jeep. Topless, come vedete. E sooooo cool. 


Ouuuui une jeep. Topless, comme vous voyez. Et vraiment cool.

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Ruby Red Dog 09/13/2009 20:07

Wow, that looks like fun! I love riding in convertibles.

Khyra 09/12/2009 20:29


And woo look beaWOOtiful in it!

Just think of the khool adventures woo will have!